Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There's an App for that

Oh hello again! I know, it's been years! I have missed you and so much has happened. There was the worst day of my life and all the good days too. There have been many celebrations and laughs with old friends and new friends too. I moved from a box to a garden and have traveled to a new country to visit 'my people', all the while experiencing some great meals and a few crappy ones too. Well, I just wanted to let you know I'm back. I'll talk to you soon! ox

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Friday, April 18, 2008

I love weekends!

Last weekend I was thrilled to pet sit for my friend Lori. She has two handsome boys named Jake and Ringo and they are quite the charmers. Jake is the rottweiler and Ringo is the...pit mix? It was 90+ degrees last weekend so in between scanning the perimeter for squirrels and dancing for food, they napped and watched movies with me. Jake is used to sleeping on the bed with his mom and I am a sucker for a pretty face so Jake slept with me, on most of the bed! I truly love that I am able to hang out with my friend's dogs when they are away because I grew up with dogs and only have cats because they are so easy...not that I don't love my cats and they are unique creatures with so much personality but there is a reason why they call dogs Man's Best Friend.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Cakes!

I am one of those crafters who needs a muse to create and though I really try to find projects that I will actually finish, I often start a project and just plain get bored. I am American and want instant gratification damn it! I know this is not the way of the fiber artist so my new approach is to bounce from one craft project to the next until I finish every last one of the 50 or so that are lying around saying "pick me, pick me"! I was just about to begin a Google search for Crafters Anonymous.....until I found a craft I really could sink my teeth into this time!
It was a magical evening at Urban Craft Center. That is when I first grabbed a wad of fiber and a little sharp needle and stabbed the hell out of it until voila! a cupcake was born and I was hooked. So this is felting?! I had no idea that such a thing existed. As a kid I had only used the sheets of felt that I would cut into shapes and usually glue them to something like a card or my little sister. ;) I was amazed when at Natalie's Birthday party we were all given pieces of foam and sharp needles and set loose on the unsuspecting fuzz that would be almost instantly transformed into cupcakes, animals, and basically anything one could envision. This is my new love and I will do it until I finish every project I start! Oh yes, and to my friends I say, move that scarf or 10 that I knit for you over because you will need all that space for some felt food /cat toys /Ipod cozies and flowers, many, many flowers. You can bet I will be stocking up on Bandaids too so hand momma some fresh felt because this party is just getting started!!!! Wooooo hooooooo

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back with a vengance!!

TaDah!! Yes folks, it is I and it has been soooooo long (November 2006!) and so much has happened. I have moved to Burbank...okay maybe not so much has happened. haha Actually I only stopped blogging due to the fact that apparently my last camera was tired of taking photos. (last time I buy the floor model) Now I have a new camera, thanks to the check from my pops for my birthday, yeah who needed child support or a college education when you can get a shiny new camera! I really love taking pictures so I am going to document my every move. Now you will be sorry my crafty friends who have been reminding me of my blogligation to share the nuttiness that is my life filled with great friends, great times and occasionally crafts! Oh and don't forget all the food, mmmm.
So here is the first of many photos that was taken at Descanso Gardens in La Canada. This was truly a great shared birthday celebration with Maryjo. Our crafty friends Ellen, Natalie, Carla, Lori and Brit spoiled us with beautiful hand crafted gifts and lunch at Joselito's in Montrose. (which is about 5 minutes from away from Descanso Gardens) I have many memories of this part of town from childhood to my move to LA and even a job working at a dress shop in Montrose. My grandparents lived in Tujunga so I have spent time at Descanso Gardens as a wee child. I remember feeding the squirrels and then I remember the signs going up to stop feeding the squirrels which leads me to believe that some fingers were munched. On this visit I noticed there was not one squirrel to be seen...hmm...anyway it was a perfect day to spend in the garden with friends. Thank you ladies, you warm my heart. (please click to their sites to see more great photos of flowers and presents!) Here is what I captured, though I cannot explain how intoxicating the fragrant flowers were, especially the wisteria and my all time favorite lilacs. You will have to visit Descanso now if you want to smell the lilacs before they are all gone. mmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time flying again!

Newsflash, it's Christmas in 26 days!!!! Holly $%*&#@*(!!!!
have been working and being social, (see picture from Create Fixate and
various pictures of adventures from the last 2 months)
I have been to Vegas for Thanksgiving, (see picture of Mom & sisters)
so knitting and blogging have suffered.
But to all my friend stitchers and whoever else pops in, I wish you all a peaceful and fulfilling holiday season.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Trains To Santa Monica - Take 2

Transportation has always been a problem in the city. Everything from horse drawn carriages to an electric train has graced the streets of L.A. The cable car that ran along Broadway in 1889 was constantly tested by the elements. Heavy rains filled the conduits with gravel or sand and forced the closure of the lines. The cables suffered from excessive wear and the machinery often broke down. Changes took place also with the map of downtown Los Angeles. In 1889, Fort Street, south of First, became Broadway. In 1910, the rest of Fort Street changed to Broadway. Buena Vista and Downey streets disappeared from the map.

It looks like Los Angeles will again have a train that goes down to the beach....in another 4 years. I just want to know if in those 4 years they will finish Santa Monica Boulevard? Now that is apparently some feat. I just wonder how much more gridlock will be created while said rail system is being constructed...hmmm we'll see.
I am however very excited about the Griffith Park Observatory re-opening. It is a gorgeous art deco structure and the views are spectacular. I will be looking at it tomorrow from Runyon Canyon on a final hike with Michele and all those who wish to join her and then lunch and cocktails afterwards and then she is gone home to PA on Sunday.
I would like to think that Michele will be like the beloved Observatory, taking some time to refresh and renew and like the cable car, she will again return to Los Angeles and we will rejoice and we will ride all the way to the beach.See ya then M. OX

Thursday, September 28, 2006


That is the name of the band that opened for Beck Tuesday night but is really beck's band in wigs and 70's garb and they are great! Drummer Matt put Anna and moi on list and it was at a club in Hollywood called Element , formerly Blue, around the block from Micelli's restaurant where they sing to you while you eat. It was fun but I was so sleepy the next day because I have been going back and forth between my house and where I am pet sitting & garden watering.
Boy is getting up and running the dog cutting into my sleep schedule and tonight I missed SnB because I had to do a good watering, that is not right. I missed Michele's dinner at Mc'Cormicks too but I will see her possibly tomorrow night but hiking Runyon Canyon and lunch Saturday for sure and then she is gone...for now. I can't say enough how much I and the friends she made will miss her...Waaaaa
Oh and just in case I don't get back on the computer in the evening when I have time to blog, Sunday is FREE MUSEUM DAY !! tomorrow at lunch I will go see the Stan's Cafe exhibit. Sure it looks like a bunch of rice but it sounded intersting when I saw it on the SCC calendar and everyone that has seen it thinks it's really cool. Go before it is turned into feed for animals, in a couple days.